The Visio Golf Putting Coaches Pack


Let’s take a closer look at the Visio coaches pack. The coach’s pack is the ultimate toolbox that will deliver all the feedback both you and your pupils are going to need in order to become a great putter.

One of the reasons I created Visio putting many years ago was to develop products which I knew I needed in order to help my students practice more effectively but also more efficiently. The coaches pack reflects that vision and it’s what I believe are the key tools any coach needs in order to help their students to the best of their ability.

The range of tools within the coaches pack will provide feedback on setup, putter face aim, start line speed control and green reading. The Pack provides a complete coaching solution. So not only can you help your students in their training, but the pack will provide tools to help your coaching analysis and synthesis.

The pack includes our popular Mi Putting Template, the Visio Putting Gates as well as the Visio Laser and Aim Board. Three tools that I know will become a staple of your coaching sessions.

The coach’s pack includes our Phantom Golf Holes, which can help your speed control and green reading. The Elevated Putting String Line is great for setup, aim and start line. While a Putting Mirror is perfect for calibrating setup position and stroke motion.

The Mirrored Putting Gate will give you feedback on aim and start line. While a Start Line Trainer provides precision feedback on start line and can be used to help train green reading. The T-Line can help determine a player’s perceptual bias and alignment errors as well as provide a start line challenge.

The popular Mi Putting Templates provide great feedback on stroke start line and allow players to monitor their progress over time. Finally, the Laser Aim Board will help your analysis of your students aim as well as allow your students to better train aim and startline.

The updated Coach’s Putting Pack now also includes the Phantom Holes Multi-Size Pack which includes Phantom holes in different sizes. The larger hole represents an actual cup size of  4.2 inches in diameter.  The middle hole is 75% of normal cup size and then the smallest white design represents the same diameter of a golf ball.

These tools can be used both indoors and outdoors. And all of this comes with a Visio drawstring bag to keep all your Putting Training Aids together.

So if you want to improve the quality of your lessons and help your pupils develop their startline speed and green reading, check out the Visio Coach’s Pack.


The Coaches Pack includes 

Coaches Pack

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