Visio Putting Balls (Pack of 3)

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The Visio Putting Balls Pack

The visio putting balls pack offers a simple but effective way to get feedback on your stroke mechanics and remove the frustration of missed putts. The pack comes with 3 distinctly designed balls. A cross hair design, a triple line design and a 50/50 black/white design.

Using the different designs and their unique alignment features you can assess the spin and launch of the ball. Feedback on the spin and launch will help you determine the impact conditions of your putt which in turn give you the feedback you need to help you improve your stroke.

Improve your Impact

After you have struck the putt if the lines of the ball wobble left to right the club face is open, the path is left or the strike is from the heel. If the lines wobble from right to left the club face is shut, the path is to the right or the ball is struck from the toe.

Rolling the ball end of end will require minimal face to path error and centred contact. The exact conditions we strive for on every putt.

Practicing with the visio putting balls will help you create those impact conditions to help you start more putts on line in practice and the golf course.

Improve your Aim

The distinct patterns of the ball will also give you great feedback on ball alignment and club face alignment.

Once you have chosen your target, lining up the visio putting ball will allow you to aim correctly at your target which will then give you great feedback on your typical putter face alignment.

Improve your ball roll

You can also use the distinct features of the visio balls to help create feedback on the quality of the balls roll on the putting surface. Placing the features perpendicular to the targe line will emphasise the forward roll or backspin on the ball. Using the balls features in this manner whilst filming the ball from the side will capture a great visual of this spin axis of the ball and also the vertical launch angle.

The Visio putting balls are a premium golf ball which can not only be used as practice tool but can used on the golf course too!



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