Visio 'Phantom' Holes (pack of 3)

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The Visio 'Phantom' Hole has been designed and made to be used at any location on the putting green, and gives the player the choice of every possible putt during practice. The hole can also be used both indoor & outdoor too, what ever the weather conditions.

The hole has been made from a flexible rubber material to help easily contour to any putting surface and any slope. It has a depth thickness of 1mm and measures 4.25" in diameter which accurately represents the size of a real hole used in most putting greens.

Designed with the Visio branding on one side and a blank clean black on the reverse side. The 'Phantom' Holes come as a pack of 3.          




Written by Giuseppe Bossi on 18th Aug 2020

Perfect for putting

Phantoms Holes
Written by Garabedian on 3rd Jul 2020

Great products ! Specialy for aiming at and to take the thougths out of the real hole !

Perfect Target
Written by Stuart on 21st Jan 2017

This works extremely well on my undulating and rolling floors in my 180 year old cottage, a consistent carpeted surface with some very challenging breaks! the colours work very well with alignment feeding the ball into the hole.

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