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Mi Putting Template is a putting mat designed to give you visual and kinaesthetic feedback of one the most important aspects of putting, controlling the face angle.

The series of templates (12, 15, 18 & 21 degrees) represent four commonly found curvatures ‘or’ arcs of stroke. The 12 arc represents a shallow arc stroke, 15-18 offer medium arcs and the 21 a strong arc stroke. The number represents the degree of the inclined plane.


To watch a video about the ‘Mi Putting Template’ with Phil Kenyon, click on the image above.

Mi Putting Template is a putting mat designed to give you visual and kinaesthetic feedback of one the most important aspects of putting, controlling the face angle.

The series of templates (12, 15, 18 & 21 degrees) represent four commonly found curvatures ‘or’ arcs of stroke. The 12 arc represents a shallow arc stroke, 15-18 offer medium arcs and the 21 a strong arc stroke. The number represents the degree of the inclined plane.

For example the 18 arc represents a plane which is 18 degrees from the vertical (90 degrees). This would be a similar angle to shaft plane/angle (72+18=90). In this example the curvature on this Mi Putting Template is a projection of the three dimensional travel of the ‘sweet spot’ when travelling on a 18 degree inclined plane. Along with the projection of the curvature of the stroke the Mi Putting Template displays the club face angle of the putter, as it would look like if square to the arc of that stroke, at the various points of the stroke.

The arc of the stroke is aligned also so that the projected path at impact is perfectly square to the ball to target line, which is also referenced on the Mi Putting Template. A common preference for many golfers and teaching professionals is to ensure the putter face is square to the path of the stroke, particularly through the hitting area and that the path is pointing down the ball to target line at impact. The Mi Putting Template will give you a reference for club head rotation relative to each arc. Training with the Mi Putting Template will help you start a ball online with impact conditions that will also minimise excessive side spin and promote a better ball roll to help distance, control and accuracy.

The Mi Putting Template also comes with holes placed strategically where you can fix tee pegs to help physically constrain the stroke to the shape of each individual arc. Tee pegs can also be placed in these holes to help keep the template fixed flat on the ground. Holes are also located at the end of the template where the ball must exit in between if the ball is to start your ball to target line. Tee pegs can be placed in the holes or you can use the ‘Visio Putting Gates’ to give you feedback on the club face angle at impact and the accuracy of your start line. The inner hole locations (closest to the centre of the template) give you a 49mm gate width which will allow you no more than approximately 0.5 degrees of error.

The middle set of holes are designed for the 50mm Visio Putting Gate. This gate at this location will give you a maximum of 0.6 degrees of error. Tee pegs used at this location will give you a maximum of 1 degree of error. The outer hole locations are designed for the 55mm Visio Putting Gate. This gate at this location will give you no more than 1 degree of error. Tee pegs used at this location will give a maximum of 1.4 degree of error. Using the different hole locations and the different ranges of error will test the accuracy and ability to start your ball on your line.




For storage and shipping purposes your Mi Putting Template has been rolled, print side showing, inside the tube.

The template is made of a hard wearing weather proof material. As a consequence the material will retain its shape slightly after being rolled. To ensure the template sits as flush as possible to the ground and to help minimize wear and tear, before using, roll the template the opposite way as tightly as possible. Also roll the template gently across the length of the template. Doing so repeatedly before use will help allow the template to regain its shape and lie flat on the floor, and also lengthen the lifetime of the template.

Store the template in opposing rolled conditions each time you use it. After One session roll it print up and the next session roll it print down.

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40 reviews for Mi Putting Template

  1. Anonymous

    Great handy aid that is a must for those wanting to improve their putting. Use with a chalk line on a straight putt for great feedback. Great coaching aid to confirm putter is square to an arc.

  2. Anonymous

    One of the best training aids on the market

  3. chris hills

    This putting template is brilliant if you are struggling with the path of your putting on the back swing and through to the strike point. This putting template is also durable and easy to carry in your golf bag with walking to the putting green for some practice. It’s also improve my confidence on the golf course with my putting.

  4. Fraser Carnihan

    It’s very simple but the best things generally are.
    Much better than a true plain and cheaper.

  5. Anonymous

    Great product for teaching and practice , excellent for outdoors, perhaps could be modified for easier indoor use.


  6. Harry O’Callaghan

    Excellent service through E-Mail and even text from Phil and Mike. Answered all my questions in detail and made my purchase easier by giving me piece of mind that I was buying the correct product for my putting stroke. Can see why England a golf use this company, deserve all the credit they get. Great service!

  7. Ryan

    Was advised by my golf coach to get one of these. Wasn’t 100% sure how helpful it would be but surprisingly works miracles. My putting stroke came back too straight but was fixed with literally a few strokes. Just a matter of ingraining it now

  8. Ray Clarkin

    Ideal for players who struggle especially with short putts. For the first time I now understand the mechanics of the putter’s alignment.

  9. Fred Perry

    Definitely helps groove your putting stroke.

  10. john Henry

    Received this product two days after ordering it!
    Great tool for practice

  11. darren fox

    Very good practice aid that fits in your golf bag

  12. robert watt

    highlights the correct putter head path with great visual feedback

  13. connerknight15@mail.con

    once you can align the Center line with your target/ hole it is a fantastic putting aid. Encouraging a slight curved and natural repeatable stroke. I get a lot of people quizzically asking what the aid is/ does, try it and say how good it is. It has now become a fundamental part of my putting practise and pre tournament routine.

  14. Caitlin

    Since using your putting aid, having many before, it really has help my stroke

  15. Mike (verified owner)

    I really like using this template. I like the arc stroke, but I read somewhere that the tools that you rest your putter against a rail physically teach you to pull the putter against the rail, so when it’s gone, you have a tendency to pull inside. This you work visually, so there isn’t that tendency. I’ve been spending 5 minutes a day working with this and my stroke looks and feels much more consistent.

  16. Chase Butler (verified owner)

    I am enjoying all my products that I received. One of my putting mats has already as a rip in it near one of the tee holes. I have only used it 3/4 times. Did not know if I could get a replacement or if there was a warranty on them. Thanks other than that great products.

  17. Todd Hannigan (verified owner)

    I bought the Mi Putting Template and am making the most short putts of my 30 years of golfing and having longer putts outside of 20 feet start to drop occasionally and burn the hole often. This product used with the Gate system if used regularly are probably the best way to lower you score out there!

  18. Scott Dunn

    Every golfer should have this! My technique is so much better and more consistent. I went onto Sam putt lab and I have unbelievable results. All because the template gives me accurate and consistent practise. I am far more confident when putting.

  19. Sam (verified owner)

    Great aid to help players improve there putter movement and how the body works to create that movement

  20. James Grant (verified owner)

    This guide gives a focus to practice which has paid dividends! 0

  21. Alex Holmes (verified owner)

    A great putting aid, allowing you to create a consistent path and square putter face. I recommend it to all my students.

  22. Ross (verified owner)

    I really enjoy and benefit from using the template. Good feedback.

  23. zac (verified owner)

    Great aid, really showed how off my putting stroke had been getting. Look forward to draining a ton of putts.

  24. Juan (verified owner)

    The item is great and made of plastic. However if you plan to use it outside on the green, you will have to roll it over and can tear. The plastic is not hard enough.

  25. Emi (verified owner)

    I ordered the 12arc sheet from Japan.

    I can feel natural face turn for club!

  26. Keaton Morrison (verified owner)

    Brilliant for awareness of face alignment at setup and also path in the backstroke and follow through.

  27. vschirinzi@yahoo.com (verified owner)

    My instructor advised me to purchase this item because I needed to improve the arc of my swing. I found it very useful, easy to store in the bag and easy to set up on the green. The lines on sheet help you to improve your aiming and path the putter should travel on.
    I strongly advise it if you want to seriously improve your putting.

  28. Mark Jasayko (verified owner)

    Probably the best product available for controlling the putter face through the swing. The visual approach I found more effective than putting curves devices. Really helped with striking the ball with a square face and releasing the putter head through impact. It was also effective to imagine the putting lines when putter for real on the course.

  29. Sam Read (verified owner)

    This was recommended to me after a lesson and has really helped me to transform my putting.

  30. stephen ramsden (verified owner)

    Enjoy the putting template making my putting very consistent thank you

  31. Richard Bateman (verified owner)

    I saw my club Professional Ian Roper using one of these a couple of months ago during one of his practice sessions at Corhampton golf club and I sought his advice about which arc angle to purchase etc. I purchased the Mi Putting Template with face lines and booked in for a putting lesson with Ian so i understood how to use the template correctly. I play off a 5 handicap and putting has been a thorn in my side for so long. I get myself into some really good birdie or par opportunities only for my Putting to let me down and return with a disappointing score.
    After the lesson with Ian on how to use the template correctly and a slight tweak I posted a level gross 71 which was largely down to the improvement in my putting. A cut to 4 handicap duly followed. It’s a really useful training aid and for good measure I have also seen Scott Gregory the young touring pro based at Corhampton also use the Mi Putting Template. A worthwhile purchase. Check with your Pro first which is the best arc for you to purchase.

  32. Miles Ruthberg (verified owner)

    Outstanding product. Enormous help in working on path and face angle. Highly recommend it.

  33. Luis Felipe Gómez de Mariaca (verified owner)

    They are just magnificent. My putting has improved significantly!!! Every golfer should have one adapted to his putting stroke.

  34. ken bishop (verified owner)

    Fantastic product ver versatile

  35. vittorio baroni (verified owner)

    This product help me to improve my club putt swing. Even on the floor of my home with updown tees placed on the markers I am able to practice every day 10 mins. This allowed me to understand my errors and correct them. Now I feel much more better on putting green and the results are very good too. Thanks

  36. Stuart Smith (verified owner)

    Loving the templates as I can have very constructive block practice monitoring face to path. #bettereveryday

  37. Karl (verified owner)

    Shaved off four strokes off my round practicing with this twice a week and a few shots before a round. Making way more one putts.

  38. Mike Chapman (verified owner)

    I purchased this as part of a coaching program and found it to be really useful. In combination with using video it really highlights the correct movement of the putter head throughout the stroke. Probably pound for pound the most useful aid I have bought.

  39. Jim Moreno (verified owner)

    I’m improving on consistency and rhythm. Great product

  40. Jenny Smith (verified owner)

    This putting aid is so useful. I’ve learnt so much from it in terms of arc, distance the putter needs to flow back and forth and used in conjunction with the Visio mirror it’s everything you need for inside practice and on the practice green. It is well thought out putting aid and a must have! I have benefitted from having clear instructions on how to best train with it from my wonderful PK coach Craig so much so that I have developed my putting skills immensely. Can’t thank you enough!

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