Putting Mirror (Acrylic Edition)

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To watch a video about the 'Putting Mirror' with Phil Kenyon, click on the image above.


The Visio Putting Mirror provides feedback on a series of key parameters in your set-up and stroke that will help you groove a consistent and repeatable putting stroke.

The Visio Mirror provides……

  • A full and clear view of your shoulder alignment to assess body alignment at both set up position and during the stroke
  • A clear and full view of your head position for feedback on eye-line at set up and eye / head movement during the stroke
  • Clear face alignment markings to ensure square putter face alignment at set up
  • Slots for tee pegs to create drills that train strike and guide the stroke path.
  • Slot widths that will accommodate various arc types


Putting Mirror Review
Written by Martin Fox on 27th Mar 2021

Great product, well made and does exactly what I want in terms of a high value putting training aid.

Putting mirror
Written by Karl Wallace on 13th Jun 2020

Fantastic and quality putting mirror always a great service off these guys 5 star

Excellent in every way
Written by Nick Lofthouse on 13th Jan 2019

Quality, accurate feedback and made from a very good material for lots of use and travel. It is good to carry out practice strokes on and to hit balls from. It gives perfect feedback on your stroke and you can also set up a gate to work on your start line, which is key to successful putting

Putting mirror
Written by hannes.scharler@eder-heizung.at on 10th Aug 2017

Great quality perfect service. A perfect training support for putting to find the right position and to internalize it.

Putting mirror
Written by James on 12th Mar 2017

Great quality and service. Must have training aid to help alignment and to keep everything square. Easy to keep with you and supports every time you proctice your putting

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