Visio Mi Putting Template

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Visio Mi Putting Template

In this article, we’re going to take a brief look at the Visio Mi Putting Template. The putting template is designed to give you some visual and kinesthetic feedback on the shape of your stroke and the start line of your ball.

We have a range of different templates to accommodate different strengths of arcs in the stroke, so dependent upon your preference and your stroke style, you can choose a template to suit. The lowest value that we have is 12 degrees on an inclined plane, and the highest value would be 21 degrees on an inclined plane.

Now, as a coach, I really don’t encourage my students to try and copy every single marking on that template or they have to strive to affect the stroke to completely replicate the markings of the template, it’s more to give you a reference as to what you do with your stroke. So you can use a template to analyse the rotation of your club. Does it open up too much at times? Is it closed? What’s the clubface angle at impact? How does that affect your start line? What’s the general shape of your stroke? Does it get too much in to out? Too much out to in? Too much over the top? Do you have a tendency to strike the ball out of the heel or the toe?

So it’s more a tool to help you manage your patterns. And, you know, I think a really great way to use a template is to actually film yourself from above. So if you’ve got a really good quality camera on your phone, which most of us do have these days, film yourself from above, either get a colleague to hold that camera angle above the ball to target line or use a tripod. But by filming yourself above, you’re going to sense how that putter moves relative to these markings to get a sense of the functionality of your stroke, what’s happening with the rotation of the club, what’s happening with the path, the direction that sweet spot is travelling on. Now over time, you can create a library of strokes, you can really get a feel for how your stroke works when you’re playing well how your stroke works when you’re not putting well. And I think that’s valuable information. So using the Mi Putting Template can help you create a reference for your own stroke, it can help you appreciate how you’re controlling face angle during the stroke and how that may influence your start line.

The Template has holes along the sides so you can place tee pegs down. We’ve also got some start line references to place tee pegs down as a putting gate to give feedback on your start line. So that’s where the kinesthetic aspect will come from, you know you can actually remove the template put the tee pegs back in the hole. And now you have some references from the tee pegs that if you hit them you know your path is getting out of shape. So various ways you can use the template and the various features are really just designed to help you manage your stroke and help you start the ball on line more efficiently.

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