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In this article, we are going to look at the benefits of using a putting mirror.

A putting mirror gives you critical feedback on two really important elements to the putting stroke, your setup and also motion. A putting or alignment mirror can help you to identify and fix poor alignment issues that can lead to missed putts. Great putting starts with great fundamentals and in order to have a great putting stroke that consistently enables you to putt well requires consistency of setup and putting alignment.

Most golfers battle against inconsistency and the inability to identify the major cause of inconsistency within the putting stroke. Effective use of putting training aids enables efficient and purposeful practice that will get the ball rolling into the hole more often. Let’s explore how a putting mirror can help you build a better putting stroke.

Putting Mirror Features

First of all, the features of a putting mirror are going to really help us with our alignment. So the perpendicular references on the mirror are going to help us develop, really good clubface alignment. You can put the putter down, with the putter head positioned on the mirror and know it’s square to the target line. That’s going to provide great visual feedback to help develop better aim.

Visio Golf Putting Practice Mirror

Putting Alignment

The other thing about the putting mirror is once we have the ball down and we take our setup position, we’re going to get really good feedback as to our head position, and also our shoulder alignment, our eyeline and our torso alignment. Enabling you to find your ideal setup position, in order to where you best perceive straight or best stroke it, is really important. But more important is your ability to recreate that on a day to day basis. So an alignment mirror can help you calibrate your setup position on a day to day basis, which is a critical component in developing consistency.

Using the putting mirror to gain feedback on your eye position relative to the ball to target line helps to ensure your setup is ideal before you hit a putt. You can build a practice routine of ensuring the appropriate alignment of your body and the putter to ensure proper setup from which you can monitor alignment throughout the putting stroke and you create a practice station from which you can hit putts on the practice green with a putting mirror.

The other feature that you’re going to get from the putting mirror is feedback during the stroke in particular; balance. So if your head alignment is moving, or your body is moving during the stroke, you’re going to be able to see that through the visual feedback from the putting mirror. You can then work on stabilising your shoulder alignment and body and or head movement throughout the putting stroke and continue to receive instant feedback during your practice. It’s also going to give you feedback on your turn and tilt ratio. So how much you may be turning or tilting during the putting stroke and the symmetry of that turn and tilt, so if there is an issue in terms of your movement of the putter, you’re going to get great feedback as to how your body is moving, which may be contributing to that issue.

Golf Putting Mirror

The primary position of a putting mirror is flat on the ground and it can be used for indoor or outdoor practice. Another great way to use the putting mirror as well as just having it flat on the ground is to get a couple of golf balls and place them under the putting mirror to enable you to then tilt the mirror to the side. Now once the putting mirror is set up to the side, that’s going to really emphasize that feedback during the stroke so you get a really clear picture, because of the tilted mirror you can clearly observe shoulder alignment, torso position, upper arm position etc. So just through peripheral vision, as you make a stroke, you can get a sense of what is happening with your body.

There is a variety of different ways you can use a putting mirror, primarily flat on the ground which gives you great feedback for alignment and set up and also position to be slightly tilted and parallel to the ball to target line which will give you great feedback in terms of the motion of the stroke. Two really critical components which are going to help you improve your putting and hole more putts.

The Visio Putting Mirror is available in steel or acrylic and both come with a black carry case. Discover more about the Visio Putting Mirrors and order yours here.

Golf Mirror


Putting Mirror (Steel)

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Putting Mirror (Acrylic)

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