The Mi Putting Template

The 'Mi Putting Template' is probably our most popular training aid in the Visio range of products. It is not only used by some of the 'Best Golfers in the World', but in 2017 it was chosen by the famous golf publication 'Golf Digest' as the winner of the coveted 'Editors Choice Award' for best training aid in putting. Its design looks simple, but provides the player with accurate visual & kinaesthetic feedback to one of the most important aspects of putting, controlling the face angle during the stroke.

Feedback is instant for the player, by providing a sense of positions to where they currently are at set-up and during the stroke, some key points that can be identified for example below when practicing with the template;

  • Where is the ball positioned relative to the centre of the putter face?
  • Where is the face aiming relative to the starting line? (grey printed line along centre of template)
  • How much does the putter face open or close during the takeaway & backswing?
  • How much does the putter face open or close during the down & forward swing?
  • How long is the backswing in length compared to the forward swing?
  • What directional path does the putter travel on relative to the start line, both during the takeaway/backswing/downswing & forward swing?
  • Is the putter face angle square to the stroke path or not?
  • Which part of the putter face is the ball struck from relative to the centre or sweet-spot? 


Click on this 'LINK' to watch a video about the templates by Phil Kenyon

Photo below shows a 12 degree arc template.

There are 2 template designs in the Visio range, both have various options to choose from when it comes to deciding on the degree of arc. The Mi Putting Template with face lines (as seen above) is available in 4 arc options, 12,15,18 & 21 degrees. The second template known as the 'PURE' arc which has no face lines (as seen below) is available in 3 arc options, 12,15 & 18 degrees only.

Photo below shows a 12 degree arc template.

Any golfer who is looking to improve their putting regardless of skill level, will benefit greatly when using this simply yet valuable training aid as part of their practice.

Mi Putting Template used at The Master 2017