Visio Putting Gate Pack

Visio Putting Gate Pack

A Deep Dive Into The Visio Putting Gate Pack

In this article, we’re going to focus on the Visio Putting Gate Pack. This is one of the best training aids to improve putting because for any golfer regardless of their technique, it’s going to provide feedback on probably the most important aspect of the putting technique. And that’s the ability to control direction, the ability to start the ball on line.


Visio Putting Gate Pack

The Putting Gate Pack comes with three different gates sizes, the different sizes of the gates will enable you to create different degrees of error, the wider the gate, the easier to be able to start the ball through, obviously the distance that you then place that gate is another determining factor on the angle required to start the ball through that gate. For example, the 50-millimetre gate, set up at 11 inches away from the ball, will give 0.75 degrees of error. Setting the same size gate, at 17 inches, would require less than 0.5 degrees of error. So we can create varied practice with varying levels of difficulty and challenge ourselves to start the ball on line within different degrees of error.

The Visio colour-coded gates come in RED 60mm, SILVER 55mm and BLACK 50mm wide which when placed at specific distances from the ball, on your chosen target line, will create a specific angle of error that you will need to achieve in order to successfully putt the ball through the gate.


Combing the gates with the Visio Putting Laser can expand your putting practice even further by enabling you to ensure that you line up gates perfectly on your ball to target line.

Indoor and outdoor practice

The Visio Gates Pack comes with 3 gates that can be inserted into the ground when used for outdoor practice so you can take them to the golf course or to the putting practice ground, they also come with a set of feet or gate holders, so you can use the putting gate indoors too. The gate itself will sit perfectly inside of the holders, so that the gate will sit on top of a surface enabling effective indoor putting practice.

Feedback when Practicing Putting

When you hit a putt with a putting gate set along your starting line you will gain excellent and immediate feedback on your ability to start the ball on your chosen target line. If you hit the left side of the gate you know there’s a slight pull bias and vice versa if you hit the right side it could be down to a push. It enables a real focus to practice sessions and you will start to learn what patterns you may have in your stroke. What’s your bias to start the ball? Is it left? Is it right? You can then start to look at the areas within your stroke to manage that bias. Gaining accurate feedback enables you to practice with purpose from different distances and on different breaks of putt

Practice Putting Start Line, Green Reading and Speed Control


It’s ideal to use putting gates on your chosen line on straight putts, but also to use the putting gates on breaking putts too. Not only then is the putting gate going to give you feedback on your startline and your mechanics, but it’s also going to give you feedback on your green reading. You’re going to have to locate that gate on a very functional line in order for the ball to go through the gate and go into the hole. So you know once you’ve got the gate correctly placed, and you can start the ball on line, you’re also then going to have to control your speed in order to accurately putt the ball through the putting gate along your specific line.

So the gate pack can really help you develop the three essential skills that you need in order to putt well and thats starting the ball online, controlling speed and reading the green. You can discover more about the Visio Putting Gate Pack here and purchase yours today.

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