Visio Golf Putting Laser

Visio Golf Putting Laser - Training Aid in use

Visio Golf Putting Laser

The Visio Golf Putting Laser is one of our most popular golf training aids, the device helps golfers to develop two really important skills that are needed to putt to the best of their ability. The Visio Laser helps you to improve your aim and your start line. Using a laser to help improve your putting stroke is an extremely efficient way to improve your putting skills. Designed to give you direct feedback on your ability to aim your putt and assess alignment on short putts, long putts, straight and breaking putts. It’s an effective putting training aid to highlight aim points and train the eyes for improved alignment.

The Visio Laser putting aid can be used out on the golf course on a practice putting green or indoors and it is easy to set up and place down on the putting surface in order to provide instant feedback on your putting alignment, an ideal addition to a putting practice session.

The Visio Laser putting aid comes with two different end caps, which will project either a dot or a straight line. It also comes with a fully adjustable tripod, rechargeable battery, charger and protective Visio case. Enable you to safely store the putting aid when not in use and easily take it to the course or practice ground.

Using the Visio Laser with its adjustable tripod, along with the end cap that projects a straight line, will project a green laser line, that can be placed to aim directly down on the putting surface on the ball to target line. So when you take your setup, you will gain immediate feedback on your alignment and once you strike the ball, you get really good feedback on your start line. You can see if your ball starts on line, how the laser remains fixed through the center of that ball. So you’re going to get really good feedback on your ability to start the ball online.

Using the laser with the end cap that projects the dot, you can test your alignment. If you’re practising with a colleague or a coach, you can take your setup to the golf ball and position the putter square to your intended start line and then your colleague can step in, move the golf ball, place the putting laser down in front of the putter face, and then you’re going to get feedback where that club is pointing.

If you’re practising your putting on your own, turn the laser off, align the club face to the edge of the laser and then twist both the club and the laser to the point where you feel that your club would be aiming at the target. Now you can remove the club, fire the laser, and you can see where that laser is pointing. It’s going to give you very clear feedback on your ability to aim the putter but also your ability to start the ball online. Two critical components that you need to develop in order to become a great putter and hole more putts.

Check out the Visio Aimboard for the perfect accompaniment to the Putting Laser, providing a target backboard for the laser to aim at and enabling you to assess the degrees of error in your putting alignment at 3 known distances of 5ft, 10ft and 15ft from the hole.


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Visio Golf Putting Laser - Training Aid in use

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