Putting Distance Control Drill

Drill Instructions

Dial in your distance drill. Latest article in our Tips Series. Start by choosing a distance you want to train your speed over for example, 5ft 10ft or 15ft.

Position the Visio Mi Putting Template on to the ground and aligned in the direction that you want the ball to travel, ideally towards a hole on the practice putting green or a Visio Phantom Hole if training indoors.

Take x2 balls and place each one at opposite ends of the black printed lines on the surface of the template which represent the putter face angle and at the point you want to stop at during your backswing length.

In the graphic example which is shown below, see how the x2 balls have been positioned at the distances 6″ 9″ and 12″ at the black printed putter face lines in the backswing, this will help give you a reference for the length of stroke that is needed for the putt distance on the average green speed and using the average stroke tempo.

Training this way will help to develop a more consistent speed and distance control over these putt lengths.



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