The T-Line

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To watch a video about the 'T-Line' with Phil Kenyon, click on the image above.


The Visio T-LINE is our newest creation to be introduced into our growing range of training aids.

It has been designed to help provide both players and coaches with accurate feedback on the players perception relative to the target at set-up, as well as feedback on the starting direction of the ball.

The device when set up creates a linear reference along the target line to help players appreciate if the “straight line looks straight”. The device also creates a perpendicular reference to the target line so players can appreciate if “square looks square”. The player or coach can then adjust the players set up or head position so that they can gain a better perception of straight/square which as a consequence can help a players putter aim/targeting on the golf course.

The T-LINE can also be used to measure the accuracy of the ball start line, as the 19.75-inch Linear target line has been designed and made wide enough to roll putts along and give the most accurate feedback on face angle at impact together with face strike location.

The T-LINE measures 5.50-inches at its widest part (perpendicular face angle lines) and 19.75-inches at its longest part (linear target line) it is also 2mm in depth and weights just 65 grams. The T-LINE also comes with its very own protective pouch holder to store away when not in use.




Great putting practice aid
Written by David on 24th Apr 2021

The T-Line has been a great tool to work on putts staying on the start line with instant feedback if you are cutting across the ball. I’ve definitely improved my putting by using this tool.

The T Line
Written by Michael Tomlinson on 20th Apr 2021

Great Putting Aid to your putts starting on the correct line at impact.

T line review
Written by Grant Sharman on 7th Sep 2020

Really good training aid hard to get the ball in line, but great to set yourself goals to improve Can use in the home also

T line
Written by Greg Watson on 18th Aug 2020

Good alignment aid, instant feedback of strike and roll, found it a good addition to putting mat

Clean Product
Written by Bill on 20th Aug 2018

TLine has a nice protective leather case. The setup is easy. Using the straight line is challenging at first however helps start putts on line.

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